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1) Send us your footage

We accept all weblinks, video file formats, dvds, blu-rays, vhs.

2) Select a package

A list of our packages and services can be found under the What It Cost tab.  Once a package has been selected, an invoice for the work deposit is sent,.  Upon payment we collect the footage and cut drafts to your specifications.

3) Review the drafts

After editing, we send you a private link to review the draft, and you give us notes for changes.  Typically there are up to three rounds of review before a final version is agreed upon.

4) Agree on the final cut

Once we've agreed on the final cut, the final payment invoice is sent.

5) Receive reels and/or clips

We'll send you the completed projects in any format you need in 1080 HD, as well as copies in other sizes as needed for certain casting sites.

6) Get noticed, land the audition, become next big thing

Submit your reel directly to casting notices, upload your clips to casting sites, send your collection to your favorite agent/agencies, post your stuff to your social network sites.  You can't be seen unless you're seen!

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Invoices are sent via PayPal, with a $25 deposit due prior to work.  Upon agreement of final cut(s) of reels or clips, a final payment invoice is sent via PayPal.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to remit payment, just a credit or debit card.

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