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We collect and compile your scenes and edit them to showcase the type of work and look you want presented.  Just send us your footage (we accept all weblinks, video file formats, dvds, blu-rays, vhs), or let us know in what service it can be found (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.)

After collecting all the scenes you'd like considered for the reel, let us know what you'd like showcased (a scene, a look, a theme, etc.), or let us determine what highlights you best. 
After editing, we send you a private link to review the draft, and you give us notes for changes.  Typically there are up to three rounds of review before a final version is agreed upon.

We'll send you the completed projects in any format you need in 1080 HD, as well as copies in other sizes as needed for certain casting sites.

​Submit your reel directly to casting notices, upload your clips to casting sites, send your collection to your favorite agent/agencies, post your stuff to your social network sites.  You can't be seen unless you're seen!

Invoices are sent via PayPal, with a $25 deposit due prior to work.  Upon agreement of final cut(s) of reels or clips, a final payment invoice is sent via PayPal.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to remit payment, just a credit or debit card.

Package list and pricing

60 Second Edited Showreel

Includes optional title cards for open and close, attribution titles, simple color correction and audio leveling.  $60 per each additional minute.


Multi-reel Theme Package

Up to four one-minute reels of different themes (drama, comedy, commercial, etc.)


Just The Clips

Collect unlimited scenes from up to 5 unique sources such as film, episode or weblink.  Delivery of individual files, no reel editing.  $10 additional per source over 5.




Scene clip add-on package

All scene clips used in reel editing, delivered as standalone files.


Reel Refresher

Small modifications/updates to reels we've edited or your pre-existing reel.  $100 for 12 months of unlimited mods/updates.


12 Month Season Pass Clips Package

Collect footage/clips over a 12 month period.  As footage becomes available, send us a link or let us know where to look and we'll collect the footage and send you the files directly.


Specialized Editing Effects

Includes (but not limited to) blurring/pixelization of footage, incorporation of non-video media, and extensive color correction and/or audio leveling.


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